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    Default F.H.Gr. Nb (10,5 cm)

    Cutaway model of a F.H.Gr.Nb (10,5 cm) as used by the 10,5 cm le FH 18.
    It is a smoke shell of the bursting type and is consisting of:
    -a fuze, the kl AZ 23 Nb (Pr);
    -an exploder, the kz. Zdlg. C/98 Np;
    -a bursting charge of 10 cylinders of explosive nr. 2 (picrid acid – Grf.88 ) of 122 gr;
    -a smoke composition (Nebelfüllung) of 1,86 kg, consisting of oleum (80%) impregnated in pumice (20%) (SO3 auf Bimskies);
    -one KPS (Kupfer Panzer Stahl) driving band of 15 mm.
    In the side of the shell body there is a filling hole with plug for the smoke composition.
    The overall weight of the projectile, including the fuze: 14,0 Kg.
    The overall length of the shell with fuze: 490 mm.
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