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    Default Mk-103 Hartkern question

    I recently got this -most probably experimental- Mk-103 (I was told) hartkern cartridge. What occurs is that is has a relatively short projectile compared to the “normal” 30mm Hartkern.
    As it is Mk-103, the shellcase is electrically primed.
    Question: this specific projectile seems to be described in the book “Von Flanschgeschossen und Wolframkernen”. Who has this book and can look up info about this hartkern projectile for me, like year of design, penetration, etc.

    Length of the projectile: 77mm
    Length of the complete cartridge: 242mm

    Regards, DJH
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    You wanna make a piece of ammo look interesting? .......cut it!

    Looking for / Suche noch:
    -8,8cm Pzgr.40.


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