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    Here are some pictures of the former MKB 6/511 Skrolsvik on the norwegian isle of Senja.
    Originally a german coastal battery with 4 15 cm S.K. C/28.
    Together with the 40,6 cm S.K. C/34 battery at Harstad, it closed of the northern entrance to the strategically important city of Narvik.
    It was used by the norwegian forces after WW2 and was finally decommisioned in 1989.
    It then became a museum which closed down after a few years and now the guns and bunkers are left to te elements.
    If you ever make it across the arctic circle, it is well worth a visit.

    As for your shell.
    It might have some norwegian stamps, and the paint might not be original, but that's an original, WW2 german made Kriegsmarine shell; i'd say excellent piece and good value for money.
    Now you just have to find the Flare (Leuchtgeschoss) and the HE with nosefuze.
    And the case of course....
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    Suche ständig Versuchs-, Röchling- und Treibspiegelgranaten, Einzelteile sowie Information.

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