View Full Version : (post 1945) Schnittmodelle / Cutaways

  1. 85mm UBR-365 APHE-T
  2. 12,7x108 Degtjarjov H.m.g API/HC BS, USSR, modern
  3. 105mmm HEAT-T
  4. 30x111 ADEN
  5. Patronen für 35x228 Oerlikon KDA, KDB, KDC and KDE
  6. 8" (203mm) DM602 ICM HEAT FRAG projectile for M110 gun.
  7. L71A1 Smoke Grenade
  8. 40mm x 46 parachute illumination
  9. Belgian PRB Tripflare Fuze
  10. Ss11b
  11. Belgian 71mm illum mortar fuze
  12. 23x151b (ZSU-23-4 Shilka)
  13. 30x210 M53/M59 Czech AAA
  15. Cutaway 9 x 19 mm QD-2
  16. Cutaway 9 x 19mm Action 3
  17. 20x139 shells for the HS-820 (Oerlikon KAD) & Rh-202 gun
  18. 20x102 ammo for the M61A1 Vulcan 20mm Gatling gun
  19. 40 x 365 Bofors 40L70 HE & HE-T questions
  20. 155 mm M483A1 DPICM projectile
  21. 155mm DPICM ERFB with Base Bleed
  22. M80 submunition USA
  23. AP Mine NR.442 bounding, Belgium
  24. Cartridge HE-T 40mm DM 111
  25. Cartridge HE Dm101 40mm
  26. Cartridge HEDP nr 370 40mm
  27. 30mm High Explosive, Dual Purpose M789 round.
  28. USSR elektro-chemical time fuze EXV-7
  29. USSR anti-removal fuze EN for object mine SRM
  30. USSR anti-diver handgrenade
  31. USSR anti-tank mine fuze MVSch46
  32. Submunitions M43 and BLU-18b
  33. Blu 26/b, 42/b, 61/b, 63/b, M38/40
  34. 30x 172 APHE for the 304 RK A/G, later renamed KCA
  35. 30x173 ammo for Goalkeeper / GAU-8A
  36. 20x129 Oerlikon HEI and SAPHEI cartridges
  37. Energa AT rifle granade
  38. Anti personel rifle grenade Nr.434
  39. Czech (modern) trip flare NO-2
  40. Surface trip flare M49A1
  41. Russischer Bodenzuender DBT
  42. Russischer Bombenzuender AVU-ET
  43. chinaese 23-1 23mm HE AMMO!
  44. JAP 6.5mm and 8mm nambu ammo
  45. chinaese Type53 7.62X54R incendiary ammo!
  46. Diehl cartridges cutaway models 20 to 35mm
  47. chinaese Type-56 14.5mm incendiary-tracer cutaways ammo!
  48. PROM-1 bounding mine, former Yugoslavia
  49. 25x137 ammo for Oerlikon KBA-BO2 and the Bushmaster M242 chaingun.
  50. 30x111 ADEN & 30x113 DEFA cartridges
  51. M14 low metal anti personel mine
  52. Experimental? Rocket assisited HEAT rifle grenade
  53. PM-79, Bulgarian anti personel mine
  54. BLU-43/B or BLU-44 A/B "Dragontooth" minelet, USA
  55. BLU-42 A/B of BLU-54 Streumine
  56. BLU-3/B "Pineapple" Anti personel Bomblet, USA
  57. BDU-28/B Practice bomblet, USA
  58. Bomb Practice BDU-42/B question
  59. BLU-49/B anti personel bomblet, USA
  60. PFM-1S, Russian air delivered dispenser mine
  61. Tret-Mi.59, Swiss AP. mine
  62. GYATA 64 Hungarian anti personel mine
  63. AP mine Nr.409, PRB Belgium or M969 (Portugal)
  64. MI AP DV59 anti personel mine (France), Nr22C1 inktpot (Netherlands)
  65. Ap Mine Mle.1951 (France), AP mijn Nr.22 (Netherlands)
  66. PPM-2 East German anti personel mine.
  67. OZM-3, Russian bounding mine.
  68. OZM-72, Russian bounding anti personel mine.
  69. PT-Mi-Ba-III Czech anti tank mine
  70. PMA-3 Yugoslav metal free anti personel mine.
  71. PMA-1, Yugoslav ap mine.
  72. EXPAL P-4-A, Spanish metal free anti personel mine
  73. PMN "Black widdow" Russian anti personel mine.
  74. VS-50, Italian low metal anti personel mine.
  75. BLU-77/B APAM clusterbomb, USA
  76. TM-62M , Russian metal anti tank mine.
  77. Yugoslav PMR-2A stake mounted, trip wire activated AP mine
  78. MS-3 booby trap mine, USSR
  79. Submunition cutaway drawings.
  80. french MG-151/20
  81. ISCB-1 clustermine , USA
  82. M139 Sarin (GB) bomblet, USA
  83. BLU-66B/B and BLU-24/B dispenser bomblets, USA
  84. 15x115 and 15,5x106 BRG-15 cartridges, FN belgium.
  85. 12,7x99 (.50) cartridges from over the world
  86. Russian 152mm Sh-2 flechette projectile.
  87. Chinese Type 56 and Type 54 machinegun cartridge Cutaways
  88. SB-33, Italian Anti personel mine
  89. PMN-2, Russian ap mine
  90. ENTAC, wire guided anti tank missile, France
  91. 9M111-2 Fagot wire guided anti tank missile, Russia
  92. Russian K5 or RS-2 US (Nato name : AA-1 Alkali) air to air guided missile
  93. Russian 9M113 Konkurs (AT-5 spandrel) wire guided anti tank missile
  94. XM41E1 Gravel mine, USA, Vietnam era
  95. 7,62x51 tungsten cored AP, black tip
  96. Chinese 107mm type 63 HE rocket
  97. Fascam, m67/m72 adam, blu-92b
  98. VOG-17M cartridges for the Russian 30mm AGS-17 "Plamyja" machine cannon.
  99. 40 mm VOG-25 Grenade for GP-20 or GP-30 "underslung" grenade launcher, Russia
  100. 9M14 Malyutka wire guided anti tank missile, Russia. Nato: AT-3 Sagger
  101. 105mm x 617 APDS-T DM13 or L28A1(B1) cartridge
  102. 3VBM7 APFSDS-T cartridge, BM15 projectile with 4Sh40 propelling charge (T-72 f.i.)
  103. Russian 100mm UBM 6 APDS-T cartridge for 100mm D-10 Gun of the T-55
  104. 120mm APFSDS-T DM-13 (XM829), Germany
  105. RKG-3M anti tank hand grenade, Russia
  106. AT-7 Saxhorn (AT-13 Metis)
  107. Some chinese 5.8mm rifle ammunition!!
  108. JP-233 runway denial system, SG-357 runway cratering bomb, HB-876 area denial mine
  109. Russian manufactured AO-1Sch clusterbomb & RBK-250 usage in Syria
  110. Yugoslav M75 grenade
  111. V40 Mini Frag grenade, Netherlands
  112. M52P3 grenade, Yugoslavia
  113. F1 defensive grenade, Russia
  114. RG42 grenade, Russia, WW2 and post WW2
  115. SRCM 35 grenade , Italy , 1935 to 1992
  116. Belgian PRB-M35 anti personel blast mine
  117. Sidewinder AIM-9B & AIM-9J
  118. KPOM Yugoslav magnetic infulunce anti tank mine
  119. Do I Have A Rocket Or Missile Fuze?
  120. M70 / M73 RAAMS mines , practice model
  121. 30x210B UOF-83D HEI-T-SD for the AK-230 twin barrelled naval AAA revolver gun
  122. Swiss 30x170 HS-831 HEI-SD cartridge
  123. BK-5M 100x695 HEAT-T cartridge, Russia, D10 tank gun for T54/55
  124. MIFF Mine Flach-Flach, MW-1 weapon system for Panavia Tornado
  125. MUSA MUlti Splitter Aktiv bomblet, MW-1 weapon system for Panavia Tornado, Germany
  126. Mon-50 Directional fragmentation anti personel mine, Russia
  127. Napalm bomb fuzing, Fuze AN M173A1 with AN M23A1 white phosporous igniter
  128. RGB60, rocket propelled depth charge, Russia
  129. 130mm PRB HE LR/BB projectile for the M-46 and M1954 field gun Russia
  130. 125mm BK-14M HEAT for 2A46 125mm smooth bore gun, Russia
  131. M437A1 HE shell for M107 SP gun
  132. BLU-91B AT & BLU-92-B AP Gator air delivered mines
  133. PMA-2 Yugoslav anti personel blast mine
  134. BL-755 Clusterbomb, Bomblets No.1 Mk1. & No.2 Mk.1, Great Brittain
  135. Clusterbomb Mk-118 "Rockeye" HEAT Mod.0 and Mod.1, USA
  136. help please!
  137. 5,56x45 FX marking Cardrige red. New version
  138. 5,56x45 Short Range DM38
  139. Und sie gibt es Doch!!!!!!
  140. BLU-97A/B, BLU-97B/B CEM, for CBU-87 , USA
  141. 20mm cutaway identification
  142. Rocket HEAT 83mm M8 for RL-83 Blindicide
  143. 203mm (8") M106 High Explosive projectile with M201A1 propelling charge
  144. 155mm ERFB-BT, ERFB-BB, M107HE and propelling charge 16E1
  145. Schnittmodell PG-7
  146. Italian mina antiuomo 'v'
  147. Schnittmodell OG-7
  148. russischer Wurfgranatenzünder M5
  149. 5,56x45 FX Marking older version
  150. Schnittmodell russische PG-15 / cutaway
  151. Schnittmodell russischer Zünder BM-30-L1
  152. Chinese 82mm Dk82 type 65 HEAT cartridge
  153. Grenade Hand Offensive M3A2, USA
  154. Chinese 75mm HEAT cartridge for the Type 52 Recoiless rifle
  155. Russian 14,5x114 heavy machinegun KPV / USSR modern
  156. russischer Bombenzünder TM24-B
  157. Grenade defensive Mk2 Pineapple , USA
  158. Russian TM-62P anti tank mine
  159. PMR-1 stake mine, Bosnia
  160. NVA Signalmunition *Silberhütte*
  161. Grenade hand fragmentation M67, USA
  162. Russischer Bombenzünder ATK-EB
  163. AV-1 d/u, Russian bomb fuze
  164. 115mm OF-18 HE shell for U-5TS 2A20 of T-62 main gun
  165. tail pistol No.75 Mk3
  166. 105mm OCC-105-F1 / Obus G / Gestner shell / CTG Nr87 HEAT-T
  167. MRUD ditectional fragmentation anti personel mine
  168. Cartridge Nr 104 for Mortar -120-RT, France
  169. M309A1 High Explosive shell for the M20 recoilless rifle, USA
  170. Dutch handgrenades Nr.1 and Nr.1C1
  171. PRB 423 controlled fragmentation handgrenade, Belgium
  172. 57mm S5MO unguided aircraft rocket, Russia
  173. 30x170 APDS cartridge for the Rarden AFV L21A1 gun
  174. RGD-5 Handgranate
  175. russische SRG-66 Unterwasser Handgranate / Anti-diver grenade
  176. GBU-12D/B Paveway 2 and other derivates of the Mk-82 500Lb bomb, USA
  177. 89mm AP/AV F1 LRAC rocket, France
  178. 14,5x114 KPV heavy machine gun cartridges
  179. Ro-30 pressure fuze, Czechaslovakia
  180. Ro-4 anti-lift fuze / Ro-6 pressure-release fuze, Czechoslovakia
  181. Grenade hand signal smoke green L68A1
  182. Grenade, hand , IR-RP, Nr520, with fuze Nr.521
  183. VUS-17 Smoke shell for the russian 30mm AGS17 / AGS30 Grenade Launcher 30x28B
  184. Rheinmetall Stun grenade
  185. PSM-1 Bulgarian AP bounding mine
  186. Grenade hand illuminating Mk.1 Mod.2, USA
  187. Zeitzünder S/30, made in Czechoslovakia
  188. Mine bounding M16 , USA
  189. VAR-40 Anti personel mine
  190. Light- and sound signal DM57 with a lever activated fuze DM1474
  191. Czech PP-Mi-Na-1 Anti personel mine
  192. FMU-7A/B all-ways impact fuze with an AN M23A1 white phosphorous igniter
  193. AV/AT PM-1 Bomblet, Chile.