View Full Version : 7,92x57 Mauser sparstofffrei Geschoss

14.12.2002, 17:15
Hi Everybody!

Here is a unique 7,92x57 Mauser projectile. As you can observe it is not the best condition but the essence is visible clearly. So it has an extremly big steel core. Its lower part was wrapped with lead jacket but the main part of the core tuched the projectile jacket directly. I read about the developing this economical-material project (Entwicklung der sparstofffreien Geschosse im Kaliber 7,92 mm) but I never saw projectile like this. Unfortunately the case was extremly corroded so I cant tell or show you the base stampings. Has anybody some details or drawings?


15.12.2002, 13:20
Hello GA,

as you wrote, this bullet design was to save lead in the SmE bullets, as only the rear part of the core was surroundet with lead. The bullet lenght was, at the same weight of the normal SmE +- 11,5 gram, 2,8 mm longer - so the lenght was 40mm of that bullet.
At least one known headstamp is aux - ST+ 32 44.

Greetings T34