View Full Version : Extension Fuze Bomb M1A1 (M1E1) (36 inch) comp B

28.06.2010, 01:52
Hi folks, I am looking for a cutaway drawing of a “Extension Fuze Bomb M1A1 (M1E1) (36 inch), Comp B “. It’s the pipe that is placed on the nose of a 500 Lb Mk82 snakeye (see picture)

Thanks in advance , regards, DJH

07.08.2012, 00:56
15900Will this work, it is all I could find quickly.

07.08.2012, 18:16
It allways helps, thank you! I have however one question, after screwing the pipe in the screwed in flanged pot in the nose, what is used to fill the empty space behind the thread. Is there a special -intermediate- booster charge for that?

Thanks in advance,
regards, DJH

13.08.2012, 04:45
The ordnance with the fuze extenders attached to the aircraft do not have "snake eye fins" but have what is known as "conical fins".