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29.10.2012, 23:22
I am looking for information on the Soviet bomblet 9N235 and how it differs fromt he 9N210? I know they are the same size and shape, but do have different explosives - one person has made comments about the 235 bounding, but I can find no reference that will confirm that. Also any info on Soviet bomblets (current would be great, as I am finding errors in some of the reference manuals I have read

30.10.2012, 21:21
The different between 9N235 and 9N210 ist the self destruct time.
9N210 - 1 min
9N235 - 2 min

30.10.2012, 21:53
I didn't want to list the SD time as the pub's I was reading had that classified. But thank you

would you have any other information on soviet submuntions?

If you are intersted in US biological submunitions, send me your email address and I will send you volume 1 of book set I just completed on biological weapons

thank you again