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Thread: Why "FES" ?

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    For flash reducer KSO4 or K2SO4 was used.

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    I will describe how the production took place around these ,,KPS,,.

    The first operation is the grinding of the starting material copper in ball mills to a normal grain. Another operation is when the powder is compressed to roughly shape band.
    Another operation is sintering in a furnace at high temperature -has determined strength and porosity.

    Then the hoop cooked in wax. That fills the gaps between the grains. Wax at a temperature and pressure in the barrel is released and lubricates the friction surfaces and thereby contributes to a greater durability mainly ...

    Another operation was pressing on the body frames and frames machined to size and shape ...
    The disadvantage of brittleness frames versus benefits.
    Usually, the factory was to manufacture frames other than the bodies ... The Protectorate, Czechoslovakia were only two factories, one in operation and one nearing completion.

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