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    Default 4 Lb with a difference

    Who can help me on info about this 4lb incendiary with explosive haed.
    It has an inner pipe of magnesium (blue in drawing). I found this interesting and very detailed booklet "development of British incendiary bombs" on the internet, but nowhere there is any info about inner pipes.
    It has no hole for the spring loaded safety plunjer is the bomb body, but it does have this hole in the fuze body (green in drawing).
    It occured to me that the cross on top of the firing pin does have to be smashed down with considerable force to bend the lips inward and so activate the firing pin, so I wonder if there was a type of 4lb incendiary without safety plunjer (late war type /simplified production), as the plunjer does not realy add to safety.

    Thanks in advance ,
    Regards, DJH
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    You wanna make a piece of ammo look interesting? .......cut it!

    Looking for / Suche noch:
    -8,8cm Pzgr.40.


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