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    Default AO2,5 Sch clusterbomb , Russia WWII

    Cutaway model of a WWII Russian AO2,5 Sch clusterbomb. The AO2,5 Sch has a grey cast iron body. The fins are made from sheet steel and are three parts (one wide fine and two side fins) are spot welded together. This assembly is welded tot he base of the bomb body.

    The AO2,5Sch uses the AM-A fuze. This is a percussion fuze. The firing pin (red) is connected to a thin aluminium disc in top. The point of the firing pin is placed 0,5mm above a mercuryfulminate filled detonator-booster.
    Upon inpact with a soft surface (soil, water, sand, mud) the nosepiece will fill with this substance, bending the disc with the firing pin, pushing the firing pin into the detonator, exploding the bomb.
    Upon impact with a hard surface (stone, steel, concrete) the entire nosecone breaks of along a shear rim, pushing the disc with the firing pin down together into the the detonator, exploding the bomb.
    The firing pin is placed in a bakelite cilinder, restricting the sideways movement of the firing pin upon impact, allowing it to move downward only.

    There are some variations in the manufacturing of this bomb type concerning the tail (mounting method), the material of the bomb body (cast iron vs steel) and the type of fuze used; AM-A, AM-A 6/b or AM-1

    Length of complete clusterbomb with fuze : 407mm
    Length of clusterbomb without fuze : 375mm
    Diameter bomb body : 52mm
    Diameter tailfins : 60mm
    Weight AO2,5 Sch : 2,84 kg
    Weight explosive charge : 90 gram

    Regards, DJH
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    You wanna make a piece of ammo look interesting? .......cut it!

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    Great cut!!
    Tracer works in both directions!

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    Well done!
    The shown fuze here is the AM-A b/v.

    The AM-A 6/b is fully missunderstood and distorted Cyrillic.
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    Ich suche Wissen!


    Wer nichts weiß muss alles glauben!

    Und wer toleriert uns?

    Studiert den Hooton-Plan, den Kaufman-Plan und den Morgenthau-Plan!

    Ich bin verantwortlich für das was ich sage, nicht dafür was jemand anders versteht!


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