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    Default Czech PP-Mi-Na-1 Anti personel mine

    Cutaway model of a Czech PP-Mi-Na-1 Anti personel mine. The letters PP-Mi-Na are the abriviation for ‘Protipechotni Mina Naslapna’
    The mine has an easily recognizable square shape with a pressure plate on top and the bottom side.
    A safety catch on the side makes it suitable for mechanical laying by the VZ-92 minelayer or dispersion from helikopters. By rotating this catch the mine is set from safe to armed by pulling a small steel strip away from between the stab detonator and the firing pin. The mine can be set to safe again by pushing the catch inward and rotating it 90 degrees.
    The firing pin is kept in upward position by three plastic shear strips at 120 degrees each that are connected to the upper mine body and connect in the centre (like a piece sign). The needle of the firing pin protrudes through a small hole in the centre. If stepped upon these strips will shear off , launching the spring loaded firing pin in the duplex detonator, exploding the booster charge (white). This will explode the main charge of the mine.
    Both the firing pin mechanism, as well as the booster charge can move towards one another when stepped upon. As the mine is normally laid with a mechanical laying mechanism it can end with the firing pin mecahnism either the booster mechanism upward. Therefore both sides can be depressed.

    On picture 02 one can see an inert wooden practice version of the mine on the right. It has a simulated arming mechanism so correct hand laying can be practiced.

    In top one can see a wooden block representing the size and shape of the explosive charge.

    Dimensions of mine : 91,5x71,5x47mm
    Total weight of mine: 175 grams
    Explosives weight : 97 Grams of TNT
    Activtion pressure : between 5 and 25 kg

    The PP-Mi-Na-1 anti personel mine is encountered in Equador only. Both the Czech as well as the Slovak army had the mine in stock, but all stocks have been destroyed

    Thanks to Nabob for the wooden practice version and the info, allowing me to complete this posting

    Regards, DJH
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    Interessting cutaway, i knew it was CZ made, but i didn`t know that it was only used in Equador.
    Tracer works in both directions!


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